Ai technology reduces 3D printing obstacles

London-based design studio Ai Build has announced a real-time inspection technology which uses computer vision and machine learning. The new system is designed so that productive issues such as material shrinkage and warping in real time are no longer an obstacle when developing large scale, 3D printed designs.

Founders of Ai Build — Daghan Cam and Michail Desyllas —  develop large scale artificial intelligence-based technology for factories of the future which reduce material waste and human labour. Ai Build has worked with Zaha Hadid Architects, Arup Engineers amongst others, and have recently announced a partnership with Kuka Robotics.

Cam and Desyllas have created a deep neural network, which is trained to increase the level of automation in additive manufacturing facilities, whilst reducing production costs and material waste. The AiMaker includes an embedded camera and GPU module which can detect manufacturing defects by comparing its real-time camera to previously recorded imagery of 3D printed objects.

AiMaker is an advantage to 3D-printing companies as users will get instant notifications on the quality of the 3D printed objects through the AiSync cloud software. “We have a simple rule at Ai Build: If a product is faulty, we repeat production. If it has a small defect, we repeat. If we are slightly in doubt, we repeat,” says Daghan Cam, CEO of Ai Build. “This level of perfection in additive manufacturing usually comes at a high cost, in the form of excessive labour and material waste.”

Cam and Desyllas’s design is a leap towards fully automated, autonomous factories of the future. By detecting printing defects of 3D systems in real-time, this technology offers the potential of automating quality control. The technology also acts as a form of feedback to designers about the printability of their design and is envisioned to increase human productivity by eliminating issues in the production progress.  “We are excited to see how the productivity of our users will increase with this advanced technology,” says Cam.

The technology will be presented at ExCel London as part of the Ai Summit taking place on 12th-13th June 2019.

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