Nestling in the shadow of Sizewell B power station is a Christian conference centre: Sizewell Hall. The conference centre is an extremely popular destination for many UK and international ecclesiastical groups.

In the grounds of Sizewell Hall is a fascinating project undertaken by volunteers and supervised by Ipswich-based project manager John Mellen. The project is to create an authentic African village where school children can learn about the problems of sourcing water, food, and other everyday essentials that a third-world country faces every day.

The construction of these huts necessitates a strict fire prevention policy and, with the addition of a thatched roof, the need for a protective fire barrier below thatch is crucial. Envirograf® Product 56 (FB30 Fire Barrier Curtain) is used to provide up to 30 minutes of fire protection, supplied by FPP Essex and Suffolk of Haverhill, Essex.

The FB30 curtain is also in use on many thatched cottages and barns, together with a famous case reported in Peterborough’s The Evening Telegraph, in which an FB30 curtain saved half of Peterborough’s Fengate Greyhound Stadium in a fire that took six hours to bring under control.

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