Advanced Boiler Control With The New Paramount Three

The new Paramount three wall-hung high efficiency condensing boiler from Potterton Commercial offers the most flexible boiler control technology available in the UK market, whilst incorporating all the physical attributes of its predecessor, the Paramount two, in terms of size, appearance, outputs and condensing high efficiencies.


The Paramount three’s advanced control system means that it can control three heating zones and one domestic hot water cylinder. This ensures compliance with Part L2 stipulation, which requires heating installations to be zoned and accurately controlled to maximise energy efficiency. The functionality of the advanced control unit has been integrated into the PCB of the boiler so that, when installed in cascade mode as part of a modular heating system, a separate control box is no longer required.  The initial installation is quicker, easier and less costly and, if more zones are needed, they can be added. The lead boiler can control the others in the system and change around the lead and lag boilers to ensure uniform usage and continuous system running during maintenance.


In addition to top-of-the-range controls, the Paramount three delivers advanced ultra low NOx performance of  less  than  20mg/kWh,  exceeding  Class 5,  and  up  to  109% net energy efficiency. This boiler also uses  the  very  latest  in  heating  technology  by  incorporating  the  proven aluminium/silicon alloy heat exchanger, which comes with a ten year guarantee*. The user friendly Integrated System Regulator (ISR) control system offers full text display of operation status with inbuilt weather compensation, summer/winter changeover and time control facilities.


Paramount three is available in six outputs including 30, 40, 60, 80, 95 and 115kW models, making it suitable for large domestic and light commercial projects as well as commercial and industrial applications.


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