ADJ wall hatch loft ladder

The ADJ is the latest addition to Premier Loft Ladders product portfolio. This vertical wall hatch loft ladder is an easy to use and cost effective solution for gaining access to valuable loft space.

The ADJ wall loft ladder has been designed especially for gaining access to loft space via a wall hatch. It is available in a wide range of standard sizes. As a result, the ADJ is a particularly cost effective solution for this challenging application. Furthermore, the spring assisted operation and telescopic handrail make it safe and easy to use.

Will it fit?

The ADJ is made-to-order for a wide range of standard sizes. It is suitable for floor-to-floor heights from 2.25 m, all the way to 3.25 m. It is therefore suitable for most homes. Furthermore, it is available for opening widths between 500 mm to 800 mm, and opening heights between 700 mm to 1300 mm.

Easy to use…

The vertical wall hatch loft ladder is a fully integrated unit, which means that as you open the hatch the loft ladder begins to come down with it. The spring assisted operation helps to make extending and retracting the ladder easier. In addition, the telescopic handrail (supplied as standard) extends with the ladder to provide a comfortable means of holding the ADJ as you climb up and down it.

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