Additions to the Axor Citterio bathroom collection offer even more choice and new inspiration for bathroom design

Esher, June 2010. One of the most famous architects and designers in the world and the designer brand from Hansgrohe AG have been working together "in the bathroom" for more than eight years: In their very first joint project – Axor Citterio – in the year 2003, Antonio Citterio and Axor ( presented a bathroom collection that in subsequent years became a highly successful designer line for Axor and assumed iconic status both in sophisticated bathrooms in private homes and in up-market interior design. With supplementary products, the Milan-based architect has now taken the award-winning Axor Citterio collection a step further by creating new types of mixer aimed at optimising the comfort zone of the wash basin area and an expanded shower selection. This includes a new overhead shower in a robust design and with an outstanding finish, and the Axor Citterio showerpipe which incorporates the head as part of a fully pre-assembled surface-mounted shower system.

Greater diversity provides additional design options The range of products in the Axor Citterio bathroom collection represents the ultimate in design and manufacturing quality. The collection’s characteristic tension between high-grade surface and precise edges creates a harmonious combination of rounded and angular shapes that is carried through down to the smallest detail. With its generous height of 180 millimetres and easily adjustable jet angle using the flush integrated jet shaping unit, the new Axor Citterio single-lever wash basin mixer offers the ultimate in user comfort. The spout with its wide overhang provides for even greater versatility in combinations with a diverse range of ceramics. With this, the designer carries through the precise design vocabulary of the Axor Citterio bathroom collection in a consistent manner, while adding further innovations: he combines the classic tall mixer spout of the successful three-hole mixer with a contemporary joystick handle protruding sideways, thus forming a characteristic design element. In this way, a harmonious combination becomes the basis for a new typology for single-lever mixers, with a fresh design that offers even greater freedom in the individual design of the wash basin area.

Reliable technology for high quality and functional shower comfort The designer’s characteristic personal style, as unmistakable as it is symbolic in its combination of functionality and aesthetics, is also evident in the new Axor Citterio overhead shower. The small, unobtrusive showerhead is both robust and refined in its appearance. The lateral adjustment handle is located in a prominent position and allows direct, easy-to-access adjustment of the different types of jets, making for great ease of use. Internally, the showerhead is based on the well-proven Hansgrohe overhead shower technology, which is characterized by its high functionality: a powerful, revitalising jet is aimed directly at the body thanks to the oblique angle of the shower arm. “This is the Axor Citterio overhead shower for luxurious shower comfort in its most aesthetically pleasing form. In his design, Antonio Citterio deliberately opted for a technical look as a means to emphasize the power of this veritable 'shower machine', as I like to refer to this particular showerhead technology,” explains Axor Brand Director Philippe Grohe. “In the new Axor Citterio overhead shower, we are offering a powerful version intended for high-quality shower spaces.” Forming part of the fully pre-assembled Axor Citterio showerpipe unit, it brings an intensive shower experience opportunity to every bathroom, since the new surface-mounted shower system offers total flexibility and utter simplicity in terms of installation even in existing bathroom situations.

“These new products”, concludes Philippe Grohe, “complement the existing Axor Citterio bathroom collection in outstanding fashion. With the diversity of its products and its consistent design theme, the entire Axor Citterio bathroom collection – from the wash basin mixers right through to the showerheads – offers a multitude of possibilities for creating harmonious bathroom environments. In this way, we continue the success of the functionally and formally optimized products in the existing Axor Citterio bathroom collection, at the same time as we are emphasizing the highly successful design concept and the proven quality of the products.”

New inspiration and bathroom design Yet it is not only these additional products in the Axor Citterio range that provide greater creative freedom in finding individual solutions that meet the highest standards. The architect Antonio Citterio, for whom the space always represents the starting point for his product designs, breaks new ground in bathroom design with the further development of his Axor Citterio spatial concept. He achieves this by redeploying in his version of the Axor Citterio collection bathroom a theme that was at the core of his spatial concept back in 2003: Antonio Citterio’s design turns the bathroom into a source of regeneration. He does this by dividing the bathroom into separate wellbeing and needs-related zones, and by working with transparent elements that bring a new form of spaciousness into the room. Refined and natural materials highlight the high standard of the Axor space and product philosophy.

The Italian architect presents a new interpretation of his segmentation concept in his new version of the Axor Citterio bathroom design: an enclosed area in the centre of the room accommodates the toilet, with the wash basin, shower and bathtub placed along the outside wall. This central “room within a room” is also the element linking the two areas dedicated to sleeping and bodily hygiene, because – even with this clear separation – Antonio Citterio's design results in a comfortable, spacious environment where bathroom and bedroom blend into each other harmoniously. “In this way, Antonio Citterio once again shows us,” continues Philippe Grohe, “how these two formerly separate rooms can increasingly grow into one functional, aesthetically pleasing unit that turns the bathroom into a fundamental part of modern living. By featuring a large window front and direct access to the garden in his wellbeing bathroom the result is an abundance of natural light – in addition to the deliberate placement of his accentuated sources of light.”

Exciting contrasts and a contemporary feel are created by the interplay of black and white marble and natural timber flooring, as well as by combining a round mirror with the straight lines of the wash stand base. In this way, Antonio Citterio emphasizes the unique and high-quality design of the products, which is consistently carried through in the combinations of straight lines and flowing shapes, as well as angular and rounded elements.

“We feel extremely privileged to have in Antonio Citterio not only one of the most innovative product designers in the world as our creative partner,” enthuses Axor Brand Director Philippe Grohe, “but also a highly respected architect who joins us in reflecting deeply on the underlying concepts in bathroom design, and in the process provides us with new ideas and fresh impetus for innovative bathroom designs. Just how consistently he is able to implement his philosophy – his ‘ideal bathroom’,” says Philippe Grohe, “is evident in his interior designs of bathrooms in top hotels like the Bulgari Hotels in Milan or in Bali. These bathrooms are the perfect embodiment of the contemporary, timeless luxury represented by the Axor Citterio spatial concept and product design.”

From inspiration to planning a bathroom design “It goes without saying that the new Axor Citterio bathroom is a source of inspiration, designed to inspire the viewer and provide fresh impulses, as well as being a clear demonstration of Antonio Citterio’s spatial and utilisation concept,” says Philippe Grohe. “At the same time, the various design and planning suggestions in our Axor Citterio brochures for professionals contain very real solutions for a wide range of very different bathroom situations – including smaller ones.” Included are suggestions for the use of alternative materials, technical product information as well as details of complementary products, all of which round off the informative character of the Axor Citterio planning brochure.

Axor Citterio – the individual products:
  • Wash stand:
  • Single-lever wash basin mixer (180 mm)
  • Single-lever wash basin mixer with raised spout
  • Single-lever wash basin mixer for hand wash bowls (115 mm)
  • Bidet:
  • Single-lever bidet mixer (90 mm)
  • Shower:
  • Showerpipe with surface-mount thermostat and 3-jet overhead shower
  • Overhead shower 3-jet
  • Surface: Chrome
  • Design:
  • Antonio Citterio, Milan
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