Adding warmth to beautiful Floors

Flexels Ecofilm electric Under floor Heating Element increases the attraction of beautiful wood and laminate floors by providing gentle underfoot warmth when it is needed. Not only this the aesthetic appeal of any room equipped with this form of heating is improved significantly by the absence of hot water radiators and the consequent greater freedom of the positioning of furnishings.

Flexel Ecofilm is simple, quick and economic to install and gently heats the entire room, leaving no hot or cold spots. Room temperature is easily controlled by a programmable room thermostat. Guaranteed for 10 years Ecofilm offers clean balanced heat distribution, at the lowest possible temperature resulting in high user comfort levels and improved economy. Totally safe under wood floors its radiated heat provides overall warmth and comfort without the usual dust-carrying convective air currents of conventional radiator systems.

Flexel Ecofilm heating is particularly suited to new build installations, extensions, hard to heat areas, conservatories, hallways and kitchens where laminate or timber floors are installed. It becomes especially valuable in locations where the absence of radiators is a distinct space saving advantage.

Flexel Ecofilm is supplied in 530mm wide strips of tough film encapsulating a carbon based heating element. The film is easily cut with scissors or a sharp knife. Just simple two wire electrical mains connections, to the element, are all that are required to provide gentle and safe heating comfort.

Installation is simple and quick. It is carried out without having any significant effect on floor levels and in far shorter times than conventional heating systems. Fitting simply involves preliminary sub floor preparation, laying Depron insulation, rolling out the Ecofilm element, making and testing the electrical connections and then laying a polythene cover before putting down the wood or laminate floor. Final electrical connection is made directly to a 230v mains supply by a qualified electrician.

The underfloor heating market in the UK is increasing rapidly. Flexel Ecofilms ease of application is proving an irresistible incentive for many flooring suppliers to enter this expanding sector. Home heating need no longer be the exclusive domain of the heating engineer.

Flexel International Limited is renowned for manufacturing and supplying quality cost effective solutions to the underfloor heating industry. Information setting out the benefits of Ecofilm Under Laminate Heating Element or details of the company’s other products may be freely obtained on request.

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