A Proctor Group Ltd have for many years provided ground engineering solutions to the UK construction industry. Now working in conjunction with Addagrip through their network of official installers they will be able to offer a solution to their customer’s requirements for a porous pavement with a resin bonded finish.

The A Proctor Group will be able to offer an installed option for standard Proctorpave gravel installations through this network of Addagrip installers who will provide all materials and carry out the full installation. Addagrip’s resin bonded aggregate is available in a wide range of different colours including recycled aggregates which combined with Proctorpave gravel provides an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Proctorpave gravel is a unique plastic porous paver that is supplied with a filter/weed barrier bonded to the product for unrivalled installation savings. Proctorpave gravel provides incredible load bearing strength whilst retaining gravel within the structure for an aesthetically pleasing solution for high traffic areas.

With Proctorpave gravel, storm-water is slowed in movement through and across the surface leading to a more natural water cycle whilst suspended pollutants and engine oils are consumed by active soil bacteria; Proctorpave gravel allows rain to fall on a developed site whilst quickly replenishing historical water tables with clean filtered water. It is possible to achieve considerable cost savings due to reduced or eliminated drainage systems.

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