Add value to your property with demista™ and Cosyfloor™

Magazines and newspapers, estate agents and interior designers, emphasise the added value additions to a property, and what better examples of these can you find, that are easy to install, than demista™ and Cosyfloor™.

The demista™ heated mirror pads, available in a choice of sizes as well as bespoke requirements, are an easy option to add that touch of luxury to the bathroom.  No more steamed up mirrors, an inexpensive way to add that value to your property.  Leading hotel groups, Marriott, Hilton, Renaissance, to name but a few, have selected these heated mirror pads for their new developments and for refurbishment projects.

The Cosyfloor™ underfloor heating system is ideal for any room surface.  Choose from Cosyfloor, Ecofloor or Ecomats, depending upon the area to be covered, and kitchens, bathrooms, wetrooms, conservatories and all the living areas can benefit from the overall warmth of underfloor heating.

All the heated mirror pads and the underfloor products meet International standards for safety and have an established reputation for reliability as well as being maintenance free.

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