Acoustically sound - heating and cooling for ultimate comfort

The AV Acoustics premises in Staffordshire boast two impressive demonstration rooms: a dedicated cinema room for the film buff and a multi-media lounge to engage the whole family. After seeing the Unico System at the Smart Home show Jamie McKinley, Managing Director, was convinced he’d found the perfect system for his new showcasing rooms. “When I was looking for a system,” he explains, “quiet operation was the crucial consideration”. The Unico system delivers air at high-velocity ensuring a draught-free, even-temperature environment from floor to ceiling. However, despite this performance the system is virtually noiseless.

AV Acoustics provides complete multi-media solutions for the home. Whether a customer requires an entire house piped with music or a state-of-the-art cinema room, the company prides itself on creating ‘seamless and breathtaking’ installations.

Mr McKinley decided on a Unico heat pump-served mini-duct system to serve the heating and cooling needs in both rooms, and is delighted with the ambience created. Speaking on a cold January morning, he was particularly grateful for the speed with which the rooms reached their target temperature. Unico heating and cooling forms part of AV Acoustics integrated control system, with temperature adjustment at the touch of a button. Mr McKinley doesn’t hesitate in recommending Unico to his discerning customers, who tend not to notice the air outlets at all: “We sell people an entire room, not just the equipment in it.”

These small outlet points are no bigger than the size of a CD, and are commonly located in a ceiling or wall. The narrow supply tubing is easily installed in existing cavities and allow the outlets to be sited in whichever way best complements design. For instance, some rooms benefit from outlet slots fitted into the skirting board, or incorporated into wooden floors.

Taking into consideration the low maintenance and running costs of a Unico system, Mr McKinley forecasts that it is set to become an essential - if unobtrusive - part of the ultimate electronic entertainment experience for years to come.

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