A varied collection of products from the Ecophon range, including both wall panels and ceiling systems, have been employed in creating an acoustically comfortable, attractive and ultimately fit-for-purpose interior environment at a school for children with physical and learning disabilities, located in Greater Manchester.

The New Bridge School is a special needs secondary school that has been created adjoining the Kaskenmoor School, Oldham. Built by Miller Construction, DTR.UK was the lead design practice while Hoare Lea Acoustics was the specialist consultant responsible for addressing such issues as reverberation time.

Acoustician Helene Evans recounts: “The New Bridge School has been built to accommodate children with a variety of special needs including having to design several rooms for hearing impairment. The whole building was up to the BB93 specification.” Helene employed Ecophon products because they have the broadest range of acoustic systems, whilst meeting the hygiene, impact and other requirements; and the company also offers acoustic wall products. “I specified Ecophon on this project because their wide variety of acoustic products allowed a one-stop shop solution. Also, importantly, they provide a high standard of technical acoustic data for all their products.

Approved installer Damar Ceilings was appointed as a specialist sub-contractor to Miller Construction to fit all of the Ecophon systems. While the classrooms all contain Combison Duo tiles to combat echo and the break out of sound over partitions, Hygiene Performance and Etage feature in the swimming pool and hydrotherapy pool. Colorado A Medium and Dark Grey wall panels were then employed on the walls of the main sports hall and a performing arts studio, while Gedina, Quadro and Advantage tiles appear within other areas like the main reception.

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