Acoustic Insulation for Suspended Ceilings

Acoustic insulation innovators, Sound Reduction Systems, are proud to announce the launch of their latest SoundBlocker brochure.

The new format sees the SoundBlocker system formed into ranges for ease of problem identification and specification – Now there is a Soundblocker solution to every problem.

Modern offices and classrooms can be very busy, noisy places and as noise levels rise, so can stress levels, whilst productivity and comfort suffer. Introducing the Office and Classroom range of SoundBlocker products to the suspended ceiling will upgrade the acoustic performance of a standard suspended ceiling and significantly improve working and learning conditions.

Most Businesses and organisations have areas where higher levels of privacy are requires. Whether it is a private office or an interview room in a school or business, ensuring confidentiality and privacy in certain areas is essential. The Private Office SoundBlocker range is ideal for giving a suspended ceiling a higher level of acoustic performance.

Buildings such as Government offices, hospitals, banks and police stations all have areas where speech privacy and confidentiality is paramount, such as medical consultancy rooms, police interview rooms and boardrooms. The Confidentiality range of SoundBlocker offers an extremely high level of acoustic insulation for suspended ceilings installed in these types of environments.

The Entertainment range of SoundBlocker is for use where extreme breakout of sound through lightweight ceilings will cause serious environmental issues. Applications include nightclubs, cinemas and industrial buildings positioned close to residential properties.

SoundBlockers are an easy to install and cost effective way of upgrading the sound insulation of virtually any suspended ceiling. Simply laid into the back of the existing grid, onto the back of the ceiling tile, SoundBlockers can be installed easily in a retrofit application as well as new build projects. SRS Ltd also produce a full range of accessories to treat any penetrations through the ceiling so that the acoustic performance is always maintained.

Please contact us today for your free brochure, or to discuss any acoustic insulation requirements you may have. Our industry leading technical department is available on Tel: 01204 380074 email: or you can visit the website where all information is available for download.

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