ACO publishes first stainless steel pipe application guide

Following the successful launch of ACO Technologies’ low-cost, high performance stainless steel pipework system, ACO Pipe?, the drainage specialist has produced its first comprehensive specifiers’ guide. Across four sections, the guide provides a complete information resource for a wide range of stainless steel pipe applications and includes all necessary hydraulic analyses, flow tables and performance data required for first-stage design.

Ideal for use in hospitals, chemical production and food processing plants, leisure centres and laboratories, the Pipe system offers a 13% saving in installed cost compared with similar installations constructed from cast iron.

The savings arise from the use of advanced cold-forming techniques that reduce manufacturing costs and from a unique double seal o-ring joint system that allows quick, push-fit assembly, reducing installation time by 45%.

ACO Pipe is also suitable for applications that are subject to thermal shock and the pipework’s smooth bore also makes it less susceptible to internal scaling.

Available in 50, 75, 110 and 160mm external diameters and in standard lengths up to 6m, all pipework is chemically pickled and passivated to optimise durability and corrosion resistance.

To obtain the Stainless Steel Pipework Specifiers Guide, contact ACO Technologies on 01462 816666 or email

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