Abus flying high with new Kitemark

The British Standards Institute (BSi) has awarded ABUS Pfaffenhain (APf) the coveted Kitemark standard for its cylinder locks made to BSEN1303 after a 12 month intensive programme of testing, vetting and verification.

ABUS UK’s MD Nick Vanderhoest says: "We’re absolutely delighted to achieve the BSi Kitemark giving us this vital UK accreditation on top of our other European standards.  APf cylinders have already been fitted within Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab hotel, the Houses of Parliament and Wembley Stadium. Now that ABUS cylinders carry the British Kitemark we can expect further high profile projects.”

The Kitemark is specifically awarded on the strength of the cylinder’s anti-bump, anti-snap and anti-drill resistance.

ABUS’ cylinder locks are protected against the ‘bumping’ phenomenon thanks to its patented curved key system and accompanying software that registers customer usage to stop unauthorised issuing of new keys and locks. To ‘bump’ a lock the thief requires a key blank specific to the cylinder lock they are trying to open. This is easy on standard retail lock systems but virtually impossible with APf’s unique curved keyway and specific customer registration.  That said BSi anti-bump testing was done on a BSi modified APf key, way out of the availability or ability of even the most professional thief leaving APf cylinders intact and uncompromised.

Future BSi testing also protects against the practice of ‘snapping’ a fitted cylinder.  AFf’s anti-snap option is designed to break in the locking mechanism but leave the door secure. Many other anti-snap options simply break the lock.  Once the APf cylinder is ‘snapped’ the proprietor can still gain access using their APf key.

Couple this with the proven anti-drill options, vast genuine key differs possible via the unique 14mm core, the patented curved keyway that prohibits even illegal key copying, and that APf cylinders are made in one of the most modern computerised lock manufacturing plants in the world solely owned by ABUS, all means APf cylinders now offer excellent physical, commercial and accredited security to UK locksmiths and architectural ironmongers.

ABUS is keen to become involved in helping propose security systems early in the design phase of building and would welcome enquiries from architects, specifyers and designers who can be supported by ABUS UK’s 30 strong APf distributors. For more details on APf systems please contact ABUS UK.

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