Able Canopies Launch the Faraday Solar Canopy Range

Able Canopies, UK's leading canopy suppliers, has today announced the launch of their Faraday Solar Canopy range, a new range of free standing structures which provide shade from the sun whilst also converting the sun's energy into electricity to be used by nearby buildings.

The Faraday Solar canopy is a steel framed canopy with a 32mm box profile steel roof, which can support a Photovoltaic (PV) system to convert the sun's energy into electricity. Once the canopy has been installed, customers can take advantage of the Government's Feed in Tariff allowing them to not only generate electricity for their organisation but also earn added revenue for every Kilowatt per hour (kWh) generated.

This new canopy is ideal for organisations that cannot install PV systems to their existing roof space due to building restrictions or insufficient sun exposure caused by shading or an unsuitable position. With a Faraday Solar Canopy the structure can be positioned to ensure the PV panels received optimum sun exposure, plus the customer will also gain the benefits of a covered outdoor area. The canopy is supplied galvanised as standard for ultimate corrosion protection and comes with a 25 year guarantee. Perfect as a covered walkway, waiting area, playground canopy or outdoor dining area, this canopy is ideal for schools, colleges and community centres and any commercial organisation.

 It is also possible to view the day to day operation and output of a Faraday Solar canopy's PV system on a specially designed website or via special screen allowing customers to view how much energy the PV panels are generating. With this optional extra the Faraday Solar canopy can be transformed into a brilliant educational tool for schools, turning the canopy into a "living laboratory" allowing students to see firsthand how solar energy works and gain an understanding of the importance of sustainable energy and environmental living.

Mark Wood, Able Canopies Managing Director says, "The Faraday Solar Canopy is ideal for schools and other organisations who would like to invest in a PV system yet are unable to have one installed to their existing building. As well as generating energy, customers can also benefit from a canopy which will provide excellent shelter from the sun and rain and create a pleasant all weather outdoor area which gives their pupils or staff access to fresh air and space all year round."


The Faraday Solar canopy is available directly from Able Canopies, please contact 0800 389 9072 for more details.

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