ABB launches single phase compact Electricity Meter

ABB has released a new electronic electricity meter called the DELTAsingle, aimed at the commercial and industrial market. At only 72mm in width, it can be installed in even the most confined locations.

The DELTAsingle is designed to measure power consumption of sub-circuits of up to 80A, and can be placed on sub-distribution boards.

The DELTAsingle has a number of interactive functions that enable it to be read in three different ways. The front of the meter has a 6mm high LCD display which shows 6 digits, so that readings are easy to record locally. The DELTAsingle can also emit a pulse output, which can be fed into a building management system. Power consumption can then be monitored by minute, hour, day or whatever is required. The meter readings can also be performed via an infra-red interface for serial communication, so that it can be read with a serial communications adapter over M-bus, RS232, TCP/IP, or LON.PL networks.

Should a power failure in a building occur, the meter is equipped with a ‘Super Cap’ power back-up facility that will run for 48 hours. A red LED at the front will flash to indicate how much of the battery’s power has been consumed.

The DELTAsingle meter takes only seconds to install, with its DIN rail design and plug-and-play connections.

The DELTAsingle has been developed according to IEC standards 620520-11, 62053-21 and 620054-21, ensuring the highest quality measurement of electricity consumption.

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