ABB and The Jones Partnership (Swansea) Ltd. join forces to improve security and reduce energy use for Safestore

ABB and mechanical & electrical consultants, the Jones Partnership (Swansea) Ltd., have joined forces to deliver an energy-saving system for Safestore, the largest self storage company in the UK. The project involves the installation of ABB’s Busch Watchdog passive infrared (PIR) sensors to help save energy in lighting installations and deliver improved security detection in conjunction with CCTV.

ABB and The Jones Partnership (Swansea) Ltd. introduced the Busch-Watchdog Professional 220 PIR sensor to help reduce energy usage and deliver improved security. The device uses a PIR sensor to detect thermal radiation given off by an object. The central control for the Busch Watchdog Professional 220 is its central processing, optoelectronic system with five-fold sensor and mirror reflecting optics.

In combination with its large profi-lens, the Busch Watchdog Professional 220 monitors the entire scanned area of 220° on 4 levels. Within a distance of 16 m at the front and on both sides, ensuring nobody can approach without being registered by the motion detector.

In the corridors of a Safestore Self Storage premises, the lighting is switched on only when the area is occupied, the lights switch off after a set period. This is standard for daytime use and also for areas that allow 24hr access. Not only does this reduce the energy consumption but also reduces maintenance and lamp changes as the lamp hours are also considerably reduced.

Christian Schiemann, UK Product Sales Manager for ABB’s wiring accessories and PIRs, comments, “The Safestores Project has been a great opportunity to implement a simple device that helps dramatically improve lighting efficiency and energy consumption. The Busch Professional Line and the WaveLINE range have already been a success in residential properties, but now with the Busch Watchdog 220 WaveLINE, it can also be easily integrated into commercial builds offering the ideal solution for improved security.”

ABB have also introduced a new battery-operated detection PIR device, the Busch Watchdog 220 WaveLINE uses a sensor to detect thermal radiation given off by an object. Easily mounted and with no expensive, restrictive wiring, the sensor batteries can last up to 10 years depending on the battery type, providing users with a practical ‘fit and forget’ device.

The units are controlled by an external HF-receiver, which is available with a 60mm flush-mounted back box, offering versatile mounting options and a range up to 100m between the controller and the Busch-Watchdog.

Dave Jones, Managing Director of the Jones Partnership (Swansea) Ltd. comments, “We have been involved in the Safestore projects for the last two years and throughout that time we have used ABB products because of their exceptional build quality, their good technical backup and the 5 year warranty that they provide with their products.”

ABB’s Busch-Watchdog sensor systems have a forward and lateral detection range up to 16m and an expanded range of up to 220 degrees. The advanced sensitivity capabilities enable automatic adjustment to changes within the environment, such as during warm weather, when the sensor adjusts to compensate for changes in temperature. An anti-dazzle feature also protects against the PIR’s operation being affected by any sudden flooding of light, for example from a car’s headlights.

The PIRs can also provide simulated presence operation by recording normal movement in a room or building for a specified time-period, including when lights are turned on and off. They can then be set to simulate this activity to convey the impression of occupancy when a building is vacant.

The BuschWatchdog is ideal for a wide range of property types from terraced houses to farms, commercial and industrial buildings. The range is available in four colours; white, brown, anthracite or silver metallic. The sensors are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications, and are available through ABB’s network of stocking wholesalers.

For more information on ABB’s Busch-Watchdog PIR sensor, please call 02476 368 500 or email ref: ‘Safestores PIR’.

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