“AA Populus Survey highlights the UK Pothole Problem” – The 1st ever HAPAS Approved Pothole Repair product from Ultracrete can help.

The burgeoning debate over the state of UK roads is certainly not one that is looking likely to disappear – especially with the publicised results of the AA’s Populus Poll this month.

UK roads now ‘boast’ over 2 million potholes – the first time a figure this high has been officially recorded, according to the latest ALARM survey. The AA’s poll has more than cemented these results showing that 81% of the nearly 15,000 drivers polled believe that the condition of roads has deteriorated over the last 3 years.

Over 2.2 million potholes were reportedly filled last year, representing a 59% increase from 2009. The extreme conditions following two severe winters have more than exacerbated the state of the roads – the constant freeze-thaw cycles lead to roads cracking, and eventually, potholes.

Although potholes are the most heated media topic at the moment, the fact that they aren’t the only problem we’re left with when the snow disappears, mustn’t be ignored. Severe cold weather conditions also lead to failed and collapsed ironwork (e.g. manholes, gulleys and grates).

ULTRACRETE, a market leader for over 30 years in the development of road repair materials, has this month received 1st EVER (and currently the only) HAPAS Certification for a pothole repair material, independently approved and tested by the BBA (British Board of Agrément). This is a major achievement for the Instarmac Group, who are certainly an advocator for the development of flexible, fast-track, quality products for such renowned highway maintenance issues.

Their Permanent Pothole Repair product is available in 25kg contractor friendly tubs and is quickly becoming the repair material of choice for utilities teams, local authorities and maintenance contractors alike, with sales having increased by over 100% upon last year alone. The easy to use product requires no special preparation, and is poured straight from the tub – it now boasts a formula with ‘enhanced workability’, making it even easier to apply. When used in conjunction with SCJ Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer & Tack Coat, the cold lay asphalt concrete completes a permanent repair with a service life of >5 years. It can be used in all weathers including rain – as it is not water-cured, and remains flexible – the ideal partner for UK flexible road surfaces.

For collapsed ironwork ULTRACRETE also offer a reinstatement system, fully HAPAS approved by the BBA. Each product within the system is independently tested, and combined, they provide a fast-track reinstatement system that can have collapsed ironwork fixed and the road open in an hour!

Comprising bedding mortars and backfill concrete, sealant and the renowned Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt concrete, the system is now widely used throughout the road maintenance industry.

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