A World first in Cloud technology for the KBB sector

SMART Systems have been developing business solutions for the KBB Industry since 2001 and by end of the KBB 2011 Exhibition had notched up just shy of their 2,000th   KBB  retailer either using the SMART System or the revolutionary KBBConnect®. Add to that the fact that the majority of KBB Manufacturers and Distributors’ price lists are supported in one or both of their Brands, it becomes apparent that this company can justifiably vie for the accolade of being market leader in the field of business solutions for this sector.

But it is not just about numbers that SMART is leading the way! Successful software development companies need always to keep their eye on developing technology; if that technology can be harnessed to the greater benefit of the customer, it needs to be embraced wholeheartedly. Nowhere has this been more evident than SMART’s development of their business applications using Cloud Computing technology. While other software Vendors remain firmly in the PC based arena with outmoded database technology requiring expensive hardware infrastructure and equally expensive software licences, SMART’s investment two years ago in developing their applications for Cloud is translating into significant IT investment reduction for the KBB retailer but with significantly enhanced functionality with which to run their businesses. SMART’s KBBConnect® is the first Cloud based application in the World specifically for the KBB sector.

The Cloud concept is simple. All you need to run your business is a PC or Laptop with access to a Broadband connection. No servers, no storage facilities and far less concerns about security! Everything is hosted remotely on secure web servers…it is identical to online banking. Retailers’ data is stored in large, well-protected data centres and is far more likely to be safer than information on a laptop or a server in the office. SMART Systems have a strong vested interest in keeping intruders out, viruses down and data backed up by employing some of the most secure technology currently available. Through KBBConnect®, the industry now can benefit by employing technology previously only available to larger corporate.

Online quoting and ordering with KBBConnect® is entirely free of charge to the KBB retailer. For added functionality there is KBB Apps where processes such as invoicing, costing, remedial tracking and others can be cherry picked at a fraction of the price of competitive products. Likewise, every supplier to the trade can have their pricelists available through KBBConnect® at no cost. (Availability of their data to the retailer is strictly controlled by the supplier!) Again, although not compulsory, should the supplier wish to benefit from advanced functionality, there is a scale of charges depending on certain criteria.

From both Retailer and Supplier’s perspective there is nothing to lose and everything to gain with coming on board with KBBConnect®


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