New Ranges – New Products and now ‘silicone-free’ extends to watertight installation of a new range of enclosures

Kinedo self-contained shower cubicles need no use of silicone sealant in installation to make them waterproof. Launched in 2003 the range has rapidly become a best seller, one of its top features being the elimination of use of silicone sealant whilst guaranteeing watertightness.

Now Kinedo are launching the new Capricorn range of enclosures which require no silicone to ensure watertight installation.

Using silicone sealant to ensure watertight joints between shower doors, side panels and trays requires firstly the use of a high quality silicone sealant (low quality discolours and deteriorates rapidly) and secondly careful application to ensure that the seals are absolutely secure. Recent statistics suggest that an unacceptably high percentage of shower installations in new houses leak due to incorrect application of or failure of the silicone sealant or movement as a result of the property “drying out”. So ‘silicone-free’ enclosures in either new build or refurbishment work will make a contribution both to a shower’s aesthetics and to reducing leaks.

Two key features of the Kinedo range of shower enclosures are durability and adjustability. The Capricorn 6mm range, for example, features telescopic adjustment so that one door will fit many tray sizes. This feature removes the guesswork from deciding which size door to buy. All glass surfaces are coated with CristalPlus to prevent the build up of lime scale.

Kinedo’s self-contained cubicles and accessories are all made from the finest materials and, depending on the model, have either 4mm, 6mm or 8mm toughened safety glass to BS6206 Class A with a CristalPlus finish that makes cleaning easy by reducing limescale build up, especially where hard water is a problem.

Kinezen 900 by 900 mm Corner Entry Cubicle requiring no silicone in installation to ensure watertightness. Silicone Free Enclosures – a quality step forward. The Kinedo range offers all types of cubicle from entry level and contract cubicles to luxurious hydro-massage

In 2007 Kinedo are introducing ‘silicone free’ enclosures, a major breakthrough in modernising shower enclosures which will enhance Kinedo’s appeal at every level between Merchant and Consumer.

The Merchant can choose from many hundreds of styles of shower enclosure so Kinedo invest design and production time to make shower products that provide exactly what the retailer and consumer require. The result is a range of door styles that combine value for money with aesthetic appeal. Simple installation benefits all and particularly the installer.

Generous displays make for greater sales

Kinedo want to have as many products on display as possible on the basis of “the greater the opportunity to see, the greater the opportunity to buy”. Any product in a showroom has to justify the “square footage” it occupies; therefore, Kinedo have a very generous display offer for retailers to exploit. For one display the cost is trade less 50%, for two displays the cost is trade less 70%, and for three displays (of which one must be a self contained shower cubicle) the products are all free of charge. Kinedo also fit all displays thereby ensuring that they are all fitted correctly. All display outlets are then added to our comprehensive list of stockists on the Kinedo website (www.kinedo.co.uk) that can be used by consumers, retailers and installers alike.

It is initiatives such as these that ensure that Kinedo products have ever-wider distribution and rapidly rising sales in the UK.

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