A unique stone wool solution for flat roofs

Stone wool insulation is made from one of nature’s most abundant resources – volcanic rock. Not only is it a naturally renewable and sustainable material, it also boasts a unique combination of benefits and lays the foundation for our business. All our insulation products possess outstanding fire, acoustic and thermal insulation properties as well as a lifelong durability, making it the sustainable and cost-effective choice.

Flat roof resurgence

Not only can ROCKWOOL off-cuts and other ROCKWOOL production by-products be recycled directly back into stone wool but selected by-products from other industries are also reused.

Flat roof refurbishment market has shown steady growth in the recent years.  Increased levels of new build and re-roofing activity, maintenance and repair work and the availability of effective flat roof systems are the key demand drivers in this sector.

With advances in technology and materials, flat roofs offer an attractive, low-cost option on many projects, especially schools, leisure developments, hospitals and healthcare facilities, offices, retail and industrial buildings and private housing extensions and garages.

Flat roofs are also easier to install than pitched roofs because of their horizontal structure, and, over time, provide an easy to maintain and durable solution without any of the issues typically caused by slopes and valleys on pitched roofs.

However, insulating flat roofs presents choice and increasingly challenges for contractors, seeking to offer an effective insulation solution and best value for their customers. 

Flat roofing requirements

Contractors often find compatibility issues when trying to select the right insulation layer for a project. The insulation needs to be compatible with different membranes as well as overcome any irregularities, lumps and bumps, which are typically found in existing roof membranes.

Noise transference is also a growing problem and contractors are increasingly seeking a product that provides sufficient acoustic insulation. In schools and light commercial applications, external and intrusive sounds can be an unwanted distraction, putting academic performance and employee productivity at risk. Similarly, in residential dwellings, it pays to insulate the flat roof properly to create a comfortable living environment that homeowners can enjoy as well as for thermal insulation. 

The HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board has been specifically designed to help provide builders and contractors with an all-encompassing solution to simplify the repair and refurbishment of flat roof systems.

Not only does the 30mm Recovery board meet the requirements for contractors, it also provides extra benefits.

  • Performance

Produced from volcanic rock and made from stone wool insulation featuring unique non-directional fibre structure, ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board provides optimum thermal and fire performance.

  • Time and Cost Savings

Incredibly lightweight, stone wool solutions are easy to cut, shape and install, without compromising on the performance of the roof system. ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board can be applied using either adhesive or mechanical fixings, reducing the complexity, time and cost of the installation.

  • Versatility

Made from stone wool insulation, ROCKWOOL is a great option for contractors due to its exceptional versatile qualities. The product is suitable to use with all commonly used flat roof membranes including Singly Ply, Bitumen and EPDM. HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board is also ideal for both domestic and commercial projects.

Compatible with all common membrane types, ROCKWOOL provides builders and contractors an ‘all-in-one’ flat roofing solution. By opting for the stone wool product range, contractors do not need to use multiple products for their projects, saving them a lot of time and money.

  • Regulations

Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 10410, ROCKWOOL HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board has been proven to enhance the acoustic performance of a typical existing flat roof system by up to 47% (depending on membrane type). The product also meets the rigorous demands of Building Bulletin 93, an extension to Part E of the Building Regulations, which sets the standard for ambient, impact and reverberation noise in educational buildings.

The Recovery Board has been tested to achieve an A1 Euroclass fire classification, providing a natural fire barrier that can reduce the spread of fire. Capable of achieving a lambda value of 0.039 W/mK the product contributes to increased thermal performance by reducing heat loss through the roof system and lowering energy bills.

Roofing contractor Ben Murphy chose to install HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board at Llanfair Primary School in Cowbridge, Wales to achieve a thermal and cost efficient flat roof. Approximately 450m² of HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board was installed on a roof of the school as part of its refurbishment project. The benefits that ROCKWOOL could provide with its recovery board solution, matched the main requirements for this project, including ease of installation, affordability, acoustic features and visually pleasing. 

“The product which was originally recommended would not have been compatible with the current roof surface and would have required the existing waterproofing system to be stripped, which can be an expensive and problematic option as the building would need to remain water tight at all times” explains Ben Murphy, Director at Roofing Technologies.  “It was our aim to find a cost effective alternative.  After hearing about ROCKWOOL’s new flat roofing product, we specified its HARDROCK® Multi-Fix Recovery Board.”

This product has provided the building with excellent acoustic properties, improving the sound insulation performance of the existing flat roof system by 25%. At the same time it has provided a quick to install and affordable solution.  

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