A tasty challenge for steel wire tray

Cablofil has helped Nestlé enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of production line contamination at its York factory, following installation of more than 3km of the Cablofil steel wire containment system as part of a plant refurbishment.

A continuous programme of asset optimisation and process improvement at Nestlé’s York plant means that there is often an installation taking place on site and recent projects have seen contractor, Connaught, oversee the introduction of a new production line for Nestlé’s popular Aero range and the move of Aero bubbles from one area of the site to another. The project involved redeveloping part of the York site, moving some production equipment and investing in new plant machinery.

Speed of installation was critical and health and safety, product quality and taking as many precautions as possible to avoid the risk of product contamination are always key considerations for any Nestlé project.  Cablofil is a preferred supplier to Nestlé and ticked all the boxes for the Aero line project, which involved a chocolate delivery system, chocolate moulding plant and a product packaging facility.

The complex installation required a wide variety of power cables ranging from 6 amp to 100 amp.  Unusually for this application the Cablofil tray was installed on its side to increase the openness of the containment still further.

Comments Mark Manns from Connaught: “With the Cablofil system the installation is not just neat but it is visibly neat – the client can see at a glance that we have laid all the cables neatly and correctly; you can even see each individual cable tie fastening the cables to the tray!  Naturally, something so complicated to install takes time but using a system that is so flexible and so simple to bend and join helped us save significantly on installation times.”

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