A Safer Road Ahead with Ultracrete’s BBA/HAPAS Approved Ironwork Reinstatement System

M B Roche & Sons Ltd. Civil Engineering Contractor for Wakefield Council, have used Ultracrete’s BBA/HAPAS Approved Ironwork Reinstatement System to repair a number of gullies throughout the borough.

Wakefield Council is becoming increasingly concerned at the rise in thefts of road gully lids. The thefts have increased dramatically and are believed to be related to the rise in value of scrap metal – the lids being made of cast iron.

More than 200 gully tops have been stolen from the Wakefield area, posing a  serious danger to road users and pedestrians. A gully pot can be up to a metre deep and an open gully could cause serious injury if hit by a cyclist or other vehicle.

In an effort to combat the problem, Wakefield Council has appointed M B Roche & Sons Ltd to reinstate gullies with anti-theft lids using Ultracrete’s Ironwork Reinstatement System.

Rory Ashcroft, Area Sales Manager for Ultracrete, attended site prior to the project commencing, to deliver a materials awareness training session and live demonstration of the system.

The system comprises of bedding mortars that meet HA104 specification and Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt concrete that meets HAPAS approval for 1st time permanent repairs to footways, cycle tracks and class 3 & 4 carriageways.

The gullies were broken out, old debris removed and the brickwork cleaned down before M60, Ultracrete’s rapid strength bedding mortar, was applied. The new gully with anti-theft lid was then placed onto the mortar. Ultracrete’s QC10 F, rapid set flowable concrete, was applied to the surrounding void and surfaced using Ultracrete’s SCJ, bitumen cold joint sealer and tack coat and Ultracrete’s Instant Road Repair. The repaired gullies were open to traffic in just one hour thanks to the rapid setting qualities of the bedding materials.

Ultracrete is the only manufacturer to offer a full system that is independently tested and HAPAS approved by the BBA, offering the contractor a minimum life service of 5 years, with no risk of split liability.

M B Roche & Sons Ltd. and Wakefield Council are extremely happy with the results. M B Roche & Sons Ltd. found Ultracrete products easy to apply and their quick setting properties meant that work could be completed with minimal disruption to traffic flow.

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