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Catnic, the leading brand in the building products sector, has recently supplied 250 sheets of its expanded security metal, SecuraMesh, to Hillside Neighbourhood Centre in Huyton, Liverpool.  The product, which was a combined specification between Bramall Construction and the end client, was installed on the roof of the centre to help safeguard entry from unwanted intruders.

The Hillside Neighbourhood Centre was completed in December 2010 and provides extra facilities specifically targeted at young people in the Huyton area.  Due to the location of the centre and its easy access, the specifiers were looking to provide extra security to the roof and Catnic’s SecuraMesh provided the perfect solution.

Brandon Wright of Bramall Construction comments, “This new centre required a form of security which was not only concealed, but also provided robust protection from any attempts of forced entry.  SecureMesh provided a perfectly hidden, cost-effective solution, which met our exacting requirements.”
Manufactured in the UK, Catnic’s SecuraMesh stops intruders in their tracks by defending premises against forced entry.  The discreet security mesh, or security lath as it is sometimes known, are sheets of expanded steel mesh that prevent penetration from intruders thanks to its diamond mesh profile that is too small for bolt cutters and too strong for hand cutters. 

Protec Roofing North West Limited installed the product on to the centre’s pitched roof where it was secured to the timber stud prior to the roofing membrane and tiles being fixed on top.

Neil Winstanley of Protec Roofing North West Limited said, “This was our first time working with Catnic’s SecuraMesh product.  We found it extremely easy and flexible to work with and, in fact, with the help of SecuraMesh we were able to complete the whole roof including roofing structure in less than three weeks.  We look forward to working with Catnic’s product again in the future.”   

SecuraMesh provides a versatile solution to suit a range of applications. It can fit neatly into internal and external walls (timber and metal stud), and ceilings, providing protection for the building’s external façade together with additional internal security for the most at-risk areas, such as stock rooms, servers and IT rooms.

With options to suit both dry-lined and render finish applications, SecuraMesh is easy to apply and can be installed during initial construction or as a retrofit solution.  The security mesh is a flexible application and is available in a number of gauges as well as an option for additional corrosion protection.  In addition, for ease of installation, the product is manufactured from one sheet, which prevents unravelling during application.

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