A Proctor Group - New Product Launch

The A. Proctor Group of Blairgowrie are proud to announce 2 new additions to their Acoustic Flooring range of products – Proscreed Trosiltech® and Ecoroll.

Proscreed Trosiltech® is a high quality, 10mm double layer laminate designed for use as an underscreed layer. It is lightweight, with excellent impact sound performance, achieving a weighted reduction in impact sound pressure level of 33dB.

Proscreed Trosiltech® provides a floating floor when using a concrete screed. Proscreed Trosiltech® is easy to install, and comes in large roll sizes, allowing a speedy installation. Proscreed Trosiltech® is also suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.

Ecoroll is a new, ecological product designed to reduce impact sound. Made of recycled material, Ecoroll is also 100% recyclable. Being only 3mm thick, Ecoroll is ideal where floor to ceiling heights are critical. It offers a superior impact sound with a ΔLw of 22dB.

Ecoroll is also easy to install as it is simply rolled out and bonded to the existing floor. Ecoroll can be tiled upon using flexible grouts and adhesives.

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