A. Proctor Group Ltd Support Skillbuild 2008

The A Proctor Group were delighted to be able to support the NFRC’s Skillbuild Final again this year by providing sponsorship in the form of their Roofshield Vapour Permeable Underlay (VPU).

Skillbuild is a national competition which encourages the skills of young craftspeople from around the country.

Eager to ensure we have a future skillbase to call on The A Proctor Group is proud to continue its support of the NFRC Skillbuild Competition. As a company we feel it is important to encourage young people to excel within the roofing industry.

Sponsorship of the event took the form of Roofshield Vapour Permeable Underlay (VPU) which was supplied for the competitors to use as part of the competition. Each competitor had a roof rig which they had to cover in underlay then tile accordingly, with both concrete tile and cedar shingle sections, gaining marks for each section of the work carried out.

There were 11 competitors from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and the high level of competence shown in the competition bodes well for the industry.

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