A new range of multifunctional ovens from Italy

From the innovators who introduced Parapan® and Corian® to the UK comes yet more great products! Expanding its Air Uno range, the company is teaming up with Foster to offer a contemporary Oven Collection unsurpassed for its advanced technological solutions and elegant design.

The 4000 Series ovens can be combined perfectly in horizontal or stacked systems. The preset and highly customizable intuitive electronics – available on all models – are activated with touch controls that give them a clean and minimalist design. The latest features and equipment guarantee high performance, safety and energy savings.

Features include telescopic runners on three levels; easy clean enamel; self cleaning with pyrolysis, a process that carbonises residual organic substances; triple-glazed doors that save energy; a thermocouple probe that lets you check the temperature inside the food being cooked and StopSol glass, which stays dark when its not in use but makes the food visible during cook.

As well as the three models of multifunctional ovens, there is also a Steam Oven, a Microwave plus Grill and a Plate Heater Module in the range.

Prices: from £622 to £1121 exc VAT for the three multifunction ovens.
Sizes: 600mm x 600mm or 460mm x 600mm

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