A new capacity for KerbDrain

With ACO Water Management’s addition of two new product sizes to its award-winning combined kerb drainage system, ACO KerbDrain®, engineers and designers will have greater scope to develop sustainable drainage solutions that are optimised to their individual hydraulic environments.  The new ACO KerbDrain HB405 half-battered and ACO KerbDrain SP380 splay units, which have the same flow capacity, sit between the mid-sized 305 and the largest 480 products, introducing a fourth volume option to the BSI Kitemarked range.

“The introduction of the new size units is the result of our continuing drive to deliver the optimum value-engineered solution for every application,” says Rob King, Product Manager at ACO Water Management.  “Being able to match the carrying capacity of the drainage system more closely to its hydraulic requirements not only reduces the installed cost, it is more environmentally efficient, reducing the energy consumed in product manufacturing, the volume of base materials used and the fuel required for transportation.”

The KerbDrain HB405 units are 405mm high whilst the KerbDrain SP380 splay units have a profile that is 380mm in height.  The two systems are fully compatible with transition units allowing seamless connectivity between profiles without any change in invert depth or internal bore.

Both HB405 and SP380 are available in half metre and, for maximum installation efficiency on longer straight runs, in one metre lengths.  The vertical faces of every unit are cast with a series of unique ‘cut-aways’ that create a stronger, more stable bond with the surrounding substrate.  A full range of accessories is also available which includes drop kerbs, access units, gullies, transition units and endcaps.

All KerbDrain units are manufactured in one piece from Vienite™, ACO’s high strength, sustainable material that meets the environmental and sustainability targets for construction products.  Vienite’s high durability characteristics make it four times stronger than traditional concrete.  It also has a low rate of water absorption, is resistant to freeze-thaw attack and has excellent chemical resistance.

The entire ACO KerbDrain range is independently tested by EU approved notified bodies to Load Class D400 and is certified BS EN 1433:2002 Group 4, meeting all the performance requirements of the Highways Agency.  Each stone carries both the CE mark and the BSI Kitemark™ – an assurance that the system is subjected to rigorous, ongoing independent testing.  At the end of their operational life, the units can be collected, processed and returned to production as a raw material.

“KerbDrain was the first one-piece combined kerb drainage system.  Its installation and performance benefits redefined highway design and saw it achieve the highest recognition with numerous awards including the Queen’s Award for Innovation,” says Peter Ridgway, Market Development Director at ACO Water Management.  “The latest generation of KerbDrain products have benefited from our ongoing research programmes that look to improve our understanding of materials and surface water hydraulics.  They offer unmatched durability, performance and value.”

A new brochure explaining the full benefits and the product options available across the ACO KerbDrain range is now available either directly from ACO Water Management or via the ACO website, www.aco.co.uk.  ACO’s Water Management Design Services team can also provide full technical support for any surface water management project – from realising initial design concepts through to direct liaison with site teams during installation.  Both the Water Management Design Services and ACO Sales Support teams can be contacted on 01462 816666.

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