A new angle on KerbDrain

New splay kerb joins award winning KerbDrain range

Surface water management specialist, ACO Technologies, has introduced a new 45 degree (full batter) splay kerbstone to its widely used KerbDrain system. A first for KerbDrain, the new stone is ideal for demarking traffic islands and roundabouts and for areas, such as rural locations, where vehicles are likely to mount the carriageway verge. As with all other ACO KerbDrain units, the new splay kerb fully complies with all appropriate Highways Agency load bearing specifications.

The new stone extends the versatility of ACO’s mid-sized ‘Kompact’ KerbDrain range. With an overall height of 280mm it is compatible with all the existing 305mm high Kompact kerbs, allowing transition between half batter and centre stones to be achieved without any change to invert depth or internal bore.

Manufactured in one piece from high strength, chemical resistant polymer concrete, the splay kerbs are available in two sizes: standard half metre and, for maximum installation efficiency on longer straight runs, one metre lengths. Left and right transition stones from half battered to splay together with drop stones from splay to level centre stones have also been introduced along with a range of accessories including rodding access units and end caps.

All the new stones and accessories are certified to Load Class D400 and fully comply with BS EN 1433 and BS EN 124. They all meet the standards required by the Specification for Highway Works Clause 516 (2004) which requires a minimum Load Class of D400.

“KerbDrain was the first one-piece combined kerb drainage system. Its installation and performance benefits redefined highway design and saw it achieve the highest recognition with numerous awards including the Queen’s Award for Innovation,” says Peter Ridgway, Market Development Director at ACO Technologies. “The latest range of KerbDrain systems, which include the new splay kerbs, have benefited from our continuous investment in materials research and hydraulic optimisation. They offer unmatched durability, performance and value.”

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