Welcoming visitors into commercial premises is given an additional boost with Xpelair’s new ScreenHeat external door, hot air unit. The ScreenHeat range of fan powered doorway heaters create a hot air curtain at the building entrance as well as reducing cold draughts.

Suitable for a range of doorway applications within shops, hotels, offices and warehouses, ScreenHeat is available with a choice of heat outputs – the ScreenHeat 3 models dispense heat ranging from 1.5kW through to 3kW whilst the ScreenHeat 4.5 units deliver heat between 2.25 and 4.5kW.

As well as delivering luxuriant warm heat during colder months, ScreenHeat can also operate as a fan only - providing a refreshing breeze in warmer weather, and acting as a barrier in open doorways against incoming dust.

ScreenHeat is designed for speedy installation with two key hole slot brackets enabling flexibility of adjustment from vertical to horizontal installation. Additionally, units can be wall or ceiling mounted above the door. Control switches are easily accessible for operators to choose fan, or half or full heat modes.

Each model in the range weighs 5.44 kg, is finished in white/grey and operates with 220-240V 50Hz single phase electrical supply.

For more information on ScreenHeat and other Xpelair heating and ventilation solutions for commercial premises, contact the company on 08709 000450 for a free copy of the Product Directory, alternatively visit the website at www.xpelair.co.uk.