ACO’s new HexDrain Garage Pack, based around its newly introduced high strength, lightweight domestic channel, HexDrain®, the pack is a complete ‘customer-friendly’ boxed system that contains everything needed to install a standard three metre channel run across a garage threshold.

Included in the pack are three 1metre lengths of channel complete with black plastic gratings, two end caps, a vertical outlet connector and a leaf guard. No power tools are required to fix the outlet connector as special ‘knock-out’ sections in the channel base allow the installer to connect to a 110mm pipe anywhere in the channel run. Full pictorial instructions are also included.

“ACO was the first to introduce the garage pack concept to the UK, and this latest evolution improves yet further the installation time and finished performance of the completed channel,” says Steve Durdant-Hollamby, Account Development Director at ACO. “The new structural technology developed for HexDrain gives it a class-leading strength to weight ratio, making the product easy to handle and tough enough for almost any domestic situation.”

HexDrain’s distinctive shape allows all the material to be dedicated to improving overall strength and structural integrity. The result is a total channel weight below 2kg per metre (with its standard grating) and a Load Class rating of A15 - ideal for all domestic and light traffic applications.