It is one of the most comprehensive green roof systems ever developed – consisting of some 300 different components. It is a system designed to meet every type of roofing challenge and will be unveiled by ICB (International Construction Bureau) at the Sustainable London Exhibition.

Diadem, is compatible with virtually every type of waterproofing membrane. It the ultimate green roof, offering a choice of environment friendly solutions and an impressive range of quality products for both extensive and intensive green roof systems.

Diadem products, from ICB, consist of everything needed to support simple traditional sedum mat green roof systems or more elaborate fully fledged garden roofs. This includes; drainage layers, edge trims, security railings, irrigation units and even a specially designed fall arrest and lightening conductor system. Both decorative and practical the Diadem range covers all the needs of a modern roof garden.

Where possible, the ICB Diadem system has been manufactured using recyclable products, emphasising its green credentials and is so extensive in its range it offers architects and other key specifiers limitless opportunities for good design.

The system, which is designed to be installed by fully trained operatives, can be used on all existing flat roofs, together with most pitched roofs, terraces and balconies and when installed will extend the life of the roof, help reduce heating and air conditioning costs and may even reduce water sewage charges.

ICB claim that the Diadem system, is limited only by the imagination of the designer, offers an unbeatable combination that will now set the pace for environment friendly roofs for the rest of the UK.