Cliff Hotel is set on the Pembrokeshire Heritage Coastline, a setting where people can enjoy magnificent, far-reaching views of Cardigan bay in a peaceful, luxurious setting. So, when proprietor Paul Jaycock needed to replace the heating and cooling system, he wanted a system with, not only excellent performance, but one that left his guests undistracted visually and aurally.

Mr Jaycock approached Robin Bowen of Garne Climate for advice, who didn’t hesitate in recommending a Unico System heat pump mini-duct heating and cooling system, a tried-and-tested system he had successfully installed on a number of previous occasions.

“A good night’s sleep is essential to a pleasant stay,” explains Mr Jaycock, “and one of the major strengths of the Unico System is its quiet operation.”

Garne Climate went ahead with the installation of four air handler modules to provide complete temperature control in the 21-bedroom accommodation area, and another two modules were required to create the luxurious heat of the swimming pool and health spa environment. Each module was linked to a Daikin reversible heat pump conveniently sited outside the hotel building.

“These heat pumps use the latest inverter-driven technology to achieve an energy-efficient heat transfer to the Unico system air supply,” says Robin Bowen, “and with the class-leading energy efficiency of the Unico System itself, this is a most environmentally sound installation, ensuring those all-important running costs are kept low.”

As the Unico System doesn’t require costly, cumbersome radiators, interior design becomes a pleasure, freed from limitation. Only the small outlet points, approximately thirteen centimetres in diameter, are visible and these can be sited in walls, ceilings or even floors. Mr. Jaycock, the owner, adds “not only were we able to refurbish the bedrooms as we wished, but we have complete freedom when arranging the furniture, and can actually fit more furniture in.”