Electric heating’s popularity is set to move up another gear following the Government’s go ahead for nuclear power (11 July Energy Review announcement).

Stuart Mackenzie, Dimplex managing director has welcomed the Review’s recommendation for a new generation of nuclear power stations and a renewed commitment to the Renewables Obligation.

“The combination of nuclear power and renewables is fantastic news for the long term future for electric heating, which could become a carbon clean fuel. This, combined with its high levels of performance and control, together with the low lifetime ownership costs will mean that there’s little to stop electricity winning the race to be the future heating system of choice,” he explains.

“As the government is also backing away from decentralisation, grid supply will continue to supply much of our power. Also power generated from intermittent supplies like wind or wave will need to be stored – both advantages for electric heating systems”.

In the short term, while electric heating currently receives a lower SAP score than gas due to the current generation mix, compliance with the latest Part L of the Building Regulations is no more difficult than other fuel types adds Mackenzie.

“There’s been a lot of confusion about compliance for all types of heating and electric heating has had more than its fair share, but the reality is that it’s just as easy to comply and we’re encouraging anyone who is confused to get in touch. Its also worth remembering that even gas systems need to show a 20% improvement on the building fabric and that’s in addition to the hidden costs of getting supply to site,” he says.

Dimplex operates a free heating design service for specifiers and also has a free guide to compliance using electric heating. For details call 0870 720 0036.