The new £60 million Evelina Children’s Hospital was designed for the Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust with an underlying philosophy to be ‘a hospital that does not feel like a hospital’. Instead of the typical hospital layout of long, look-a-like corridors and enclosed internal rooms, the Evelina’s design adopts an unorthodox approach centred on a 4-storey high glass vaulted conservatory bringing in daylight and giving an open feel which is conducive to a healing environment.

The building is supported on a concrete frame with exposed concrete retained ‘as struck’ as an inherent aspect of the design.

To ensure overall harmonisation of the concrete throughout the building, Keim Concretal Lasur was specified. Inevitably with such an extensive use of concrete over a long-term period, some colour variation is unavoidable. Recognising this, the architects, Hopkins planned in the harmonisation requirement as an enhancement at the specification stage rather than as a later remedial treatment.

Keim Concretal Lasur system is a low pigmentation colour stain available in a wide range of shades which can be used successfully when an opaque treatment will be out of keeping with concrete aesthetics. It is ideal for unifying variations in the colour and texture of concrete whilst retaining its structure and look.

It has a proven long life performance and its longevity is based on the chemical crystalline bond which the paint forms with the substrate whilst maintaining its breathability. It is resistant to algae and mould growth, completely light fast, inherently non-combustible and environmentally friendly being odourless, solvent and VOC free and produced using only natural inorganic materials.

The tone and opacity requirement were established by Keim colourists in conjunction with the architects to provide the precise match for all surfaces. Columns were treated with Keim Lotexan water repellent as a concrete sealer for hygiene and dust suppression and the colour was then matched for sofits and other exposed concrete.

The Evelina Children’s Hospital provides a new approach far removed from the traditional hospital look. Not only does it fulfil the all important caring and healing requirement but, because of its innovative design, also provides a building with a positive and pleasant environment which is of benefit to both patients and staff. And with the use of Keim Mineral Paints, it will retain its pristine appearance for a very long time.

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