A First Good Step

Jaymart’s “Grime Grabber” prestigious entrance matting system has proved to be the matting of choice for the Laguna Health & Spa at Cardiff.  Installed by Puma Floors, the “Grime-Grabber” medium/heavy duty polypropylene brush- ribbed aluminium entrance matting system 17mm thick, offers not only smart appearance but also effective removal of foot-borne dirt and moisture; significantly reducing damage and maintenance to internal floor coverings. 

A clean and welcoming environment is essential for the success of any business, so with around 80% of dirt entering your building on the soles of people’s shoes, efficient and attractive entrance matting is more than just a first good step – it’s a necessity.The “Grime” range’s reduced gauge makes it an ideal choice when using an existing shallow recess, for example when upgrading traditional coir mats, or when surface-mounting using ramped sections.

“Grime Grabber” range applications include commercial premises, office buildings, high street stores, sports and leisure centres, libraries, museums and schools. Colours include: Tan, Black, Blue, Red, Grey, Green, Slate, Brown and Yellow.

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