A day in the life of Darren Bould - Porotherm Site Liaison Manager at Wienerberger

As a Porotherm Site Liaison Manager at Wienerberger, I spend a lot of my time travelling around the country, visiting various construction sites and being part of a number of different exciting projects for both residential and commercial properties. My role is vital as it’s down to me to demonstrate how to use the innovative Porotherm Clay Block Walling System to both bricklayers and site managers.

A typical day begins with me arriving on site and hitting the ground running with the training. Because of the difference between standard walling systems and Porotherm, it’s essential we introduce the product properly and clearly to the people who’ll be installing it; this is initially done through a project presentation where we detail those differences and its benefits to the project.

The difference between Porotherm and a standard walling system lies within its method of build; as an inner walling system, it is essential that the first course is laid perfectly – any issues with this stage can sabotage the whole project which is why I consider the training an extremely important part of my job. It’s also a quicker system to install and a lighter product to handle so the training is essential to ensure the workers are comfortable with the product before using it. After the intro presentation, I carry out a live demonstration and will lay that vital first course to make sure the rest of the build can run as smoothly as possible as far as Porotherm is concerned.  

Of course, because of the important details that come with using the system, product knowledge in my job is key. I have been working with Porotherm for over a decade and am familiar with its benefits and requirements, however, I often encounter those who have had zero experience with it so it’s down to me to share my knowledge: something I enjoy doing. However, I sometimes need to deal with bricklayers who are skeptical about the system because they haven’t used it before – something I totally understand and appreciate. But I find once I’ve explained how it all works and 

show them how to use the system, they’re more inclined to use the product with confidence and ease. They often actually prefer to use the Porotherm system as opposed to concrete once they’re trained and get into the swing of building with it.

Once the training has been completed, I offer advice and tips to the bricklayers – should they need it – to further ensure that everyone is confident in using the system. Having begun my career in construction at aged sixteen as an apprentice, I know how important training with new products can be; it’s enabled me to develop and specialise my skills over the years so having the chance to go around the country and train others in using Porotherm makes my job exciting and fulfilling.

As you can see, I not only get the opportunity to travel around the country and be part of some fascinating and exciting architectural projects – I also get the added benefit of being hands on in my day-to-day job. Having gone through ongoing training myself throughout my 35-year long career, it’s extremely rewarding to be part of a team that can share knowledge on innovative products with other construction workers. 

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