A cost-effective way to make buildings green and attractive

We are already familiar with the concept of installing solar panels on roofs – sometimes in entire rows, and often with controversial levels of aesthetic appeal. SBskin - Smart Building skin has designed and patented innovative building components made of energy efficient glass blocks that can be installed for the construction of translucent building envelopes in different climatic contexts. 

With these new kinds of glass blocks, translucent facades and roofs guarantee a high building insulation while generating energy from the sun. The highly insulating glass blocks are fitted with high-yield transparent solar cells, are easy to assemble and come in various colours. Instead of a traditional glass facade, a combination of these coloured blocks reduces buildings energy consumption and generates electricity. The products can also provide different levels of transparency according to the specific thermal and visual requirements of the indoor space. 

The SBskin glass blocks are assembled in panels through a mortar-less system that occurs by means of plastic profiles where structures electric connections are also integrated. This allows obtaining uninterrupted glazed surfaces with only 2-mm joints between the glass blocks. Panels are also prestressed in order to reach high mechanical resistance for safe installations in all buildings. 

The company offers three different types of components for translucent building envelopes:  

- “Energy” panel, that combines the advantage of the efficient assembly system with the high insulation capacity;  

- “Solar” panel, adding the plus-value of photovoltaics. 

- “Light” panel, integrating LED devices for luminescent façades.

Easy to install and maintain, structurally and efficient, SBskin products make stylish, translucent facades and roofs, helping architects to achieve results that are both sustainable and attractive.

Dimensions of the glass block: 190 x 190 x 80 mm

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