A chance to clean up

As stricter controls on waste discharges are enforced by local authorities under Part H of the Building Regulations, building drainage specialist, ACO Building Drainage, has launched a comprehensive range of Biological Grease Traps that will help restaurants, cafés and commercial premises meet the tougher regulations.

Under the regulations, drainage serving kitchens in commercial hot food premises should be fitted with a grease separator or other effective means of grease removal. Any food preparation facility not complying with the discharge limits on fats, oils and grease could face unlimited fines.

ACO’s new Biological Grease Traps are designed to suit all food production facilities and are available in two ranges: ‘Below Ground (BG)’ and ‘Free Standing (FS)’. The BG range is manufactured from robust, lightweight and corrosion resistant polypropylene. Designed for higher capacity applications up to 1000 meals per day, the BG units are ideal for internal or external use where space is limited or invert levels dictate a below ground installation.

Manufactured in either stainless steel or polypropylene, the FS range provides the most versatile and compact solution for small to medium sized facilities producing up to 250 meals per day. The stainless steel traps are designed for hygiene-critical applications or for installations where appearance is important. The cost-effective polypropylene traps provide equally high performance in applications where finished appearance is less critical.

Further information on Biological Grease Traps, call ACO Building Drainage on 01462 816666 or email: buildingdrainage@aco.co.uk A full system overview is also available at www.acobuildingdrainage.co.uk

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