A breath of fresh air: Swish delivers Part F solution

Swish Building Products is offering a range of ‘over’ fascia ventilators that offer complete compliance with regulation governing roof ventilation without sacrificing sight lines.


Available in 10mm and 25mm options, the ventilators sit on the top edge of the fascia board giving clean and unbroken sight lines to the roofline installation while delivering full compliance with Part F of Building Regulations for England and Wales.


Dependent on the shape and the pitch of the roof, this sets out a requirement for adequate ventilation of the roof void to prevent the build-up of condensation that could in turn lead to rotting of timbers.


Greg Wilde, Swish Building Products, said: “There is huge focus on insulation and energy efficiency but adequate ventilation, particularly in roof space, is of critical importance if condensation build-up and all the problems that go with it are to be avoided.


“The Swish over fascia ventilator meets requirements of Part F of Building Regulations, is quick and easy to install, simply interlocking with the Swish fascia and maintains sight lines.”


Under the regulations roofs with a pitch between 15˚ and 70˚ and insulation at ceiling level require a 10mm air path at the eaves, whilst flat roofs or pitched roofs with the ceiling following the plane of the roof require a 25mm air path at the eaves.


The Swish over fascia vent also meets the current edition of BS 5250:2002 governing ventilation as set out in building regulations for Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Strong enough to take the weight of the bottom row of roof tiles, the design has also been developed to prevent the entry of insects and birds into the roof.


For more information on Swish’s full range of rainwater, roofline and cladding products visit www.swishbp.co.uk or call 01827 317 200.

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