A Beach Party at The Goring...

Tuesday 6th June: Last night The Goring played host to over 300 star studded guests for the opening of the new Beach and world famous Basil's Bar.

The ambitious project is the brain child of Jeremy Goring (boss of The Goring) who has invited Basil to London and is building a beach bar in the hotel’s garden, to make him feel at home. The bar, on a beach with a huge polished driftwood counter has been built by Blue Forest, who specialise in über‐luxury design and are particularly well known for their sustainable tree houses and eco‐lodges. The interior of the bar, whilst inspired by Basil’s, will be given some quirky touches of its own by Blue Forest's imaginative designers. The ambiance in this beach bar will have more than a touch of urban cool.

Basil's Bar, the social epicentre of Mustique, is possibly the most famous bar in the world, what makes Basil’s really special is Basil Charles himself, who presides over his watering hole with legendary charm. Thanks to The Goring and their partners including Blue Forest and Heidi Klein guests will not need to take the 10 hour flight to the exclusive Island of Mustique in order to enjoy a sundowner on the beach.

The Goring’s barmen have been instructed by Basil on how to make his favourite cocktails: including the Mustique Mule, the Hurricane David and Basil’s Rum Punch. All served with a smile and guaranteed to make the sun shine permanently in SW1.

Basil will be in London for a few weeks in June – and the party will continue at The Beach Bar at The Goring until September.

Time to get out the new Heidi Klein, slip on a pair of flip flops and get down to The Goring…..

Further information: Contact: Simon Payne, Email: simon@blueforest.com or Tel: 01892 750090

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