6 Design Tips to Optimise Your Office Space

Declutter is the buzzword at the moment, with the trend of minimalizing your space now extending far beyond the front door of your home. Generating a sense of space in the office has become a key focus for companies across the UK as the various benefits are becoming more apparent.

Where do you start though?

1. Customise your office space

When designing your office space, it is important to keep the design simple and relevant to the space around you. Pay attention to detail by ensuring everything in the office has a purpose and take the time to consider the texture, colour and tone of all materials. Be selective of what additional furniture and accessories you choose as this will impact the design. It is always a nice touch to add plants as they make the space feel livelier. Simpler is often better!

2. Declutter

It doesn’t take long for an office to accumulate clutter, if not managed correctly. Make sure you have a dedicated storage area within your office, one which is out of sight but accessible. Just make sure that the space doesn’t become the new clutter zone. Create a system to manage the space and avoid unnecessary items creeping in. Make sure those files don’t start to pile up on desks around you!

3. Make use of vertical shelves

Installing vertical shelves immediately adds to the illusion of more space while simultaneously providing a creative and functional in-office storage solution. Vertical shelves can be used in a number of ways to tame clutter and neatly store work and personal belongings.

4. Invest in a self storage unit

What happens if there are simply too many items in the office with no space for on-site storage? Self storage units for your business is the answer. An increasing number of companies across the UK now use self storage as their off-site storage solution, and for good reason. Self storage is flexible, generally affordable and provides a safe place to store all your excess goods. Just make sure you choose a reputable company with a decent footprint.

5. Quality over quantity

To reduce over-crowding the office space, visualise the layout of the office and be selective with furniture. Choose quality over quantity. Creating a minimal interior with stylish accessories can make it a relaxing atmosphere, allowing for a clear mind and better productivity.

6. Keep your office clean

It may seem obvious, but if everyone plays their role in keeping the office neat and tidy, the space will appear rejuvenated. Take advantage of designated cabinets for all files and documents, consider hiring a cleaning service once or twice a week to do a full clean and ensure that employees wash their dishes after use.

These are six design tips to best optimise your office and make your office space feel bigger.

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