Caesarstone has unveiled five, stunning new colours for this autumn/winter.  Three of the colours – Statuario, Symphony Grey and Urban Safari – will be exciting new additions to Caesarstone’s pioneering Supernatural series of colours, whilst Raw Concrete, a semi-matt, putty coloured quartz and Vanilla Noir, a dramatically dark colour, will join the Classico Collection.

Launched just three years ago, Caesarstone’s Supernatural Series, with its focus upon emulating the aesthetic appeal and tactility of natural materials, and in particular, marble, has been 

exceptionally well received.  The range is acknowledged as having set a new ‘blueprint’ for quartz and the new colours are being launched as a direct response to demand from retailers, designers, architects and consumers alike.  As with Caesarstone’s existing colours, the new palette provides an incredibly realistic, yet highly versatile alternative to marble and natural stone that can be specified throughout the home to stunning effect. 

Colours are perfectly in keeping with the current mood for muted, timeless shades – see the warm earthiness of Urban Safari or the cool, contemporary aesthetic of Symphony Grey.  Vanilla Noir has a dark, opulent density that makes it perfect for industrially influenced kitchens, whilst Statuario with its elegant, soft grey veining will surely become as popular as Caesarstone’s 2014 hit, Calacatta Nuvo.  Raw Concrete, meanwhile, belies its name with a warm, urbane appearance that is beautifully aligned with the current vogue for pared down, modern rustic room schemes.

 A Refined and Sophisticated Engineering Process

As with all Caesarstone quartz, the new colours might embody the beauty and tactility of natural materials down to the very last detail, but that is where the similarity ends.  The result of a refined and sophisticated manufacturing process, Caesarstone has championed the design and production of superior quality quartz.

 Versatility, Durability… Peace of Mind

Unlike marble and many natural materials, Caesarstone’s quartz is completely non-porous.  This means it can be used for myriad applications throughout the home – including within bathrooms, wet rooms and shower rooms.  It is also so durable and resistant to wear and tear that it can be confidently used for flooring.  And unlike marble, a spilled glass of red wine, olive oil or beetroot is unlikely to trouble a Caesarstone work surface.  Ditto heavy pans, scratchy scourers and even ‘creative’ kids.

Chris Pepper, Caesarstone UK’s Business Development and Marketing Manager says,

“We are really pleased to be unveiling these five, fabulous new colours.  The Supernatural colours in particular offer the unquestionable appeal of marble and natural stone, but deliver so much more than simply aesthetic values – and it is this outstanding blend of style, longevity and durability that makes Caesarstone’s quartz such a superb specification for so many applications.  These new colours are some of our most exciting and significant to date and we have been delighted by the early enthusiasm shown by customers.”  

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