400m² Laboratory sub-floor prepared in only 2 days using Ultra Floor

NKS Flooring Ltd. damp proofed, primed and levelled a laboratory floor using a complete system of products from Ultra Floor

Experienced contractors and CFA members, NKS Flooring Ltd. have completed a 400m² flooring project at a York University laboratory in Yate using high-performance Ultra Floor sub-floor preparation products.

The project started with the power floated floor being diamond ground by the company’s team of fitters. Followed by sub-floor preparation using Ultra Floor DPM IT two coat, DPM IT A, Prime IT N and Level IT two.

DPM IT two coat is a solvent free, two-part epoxy resin system. The product cures to provide a waterproof surface membrane that allows fast installation of cement-based surfaces, thus reducing waiting times and costs. During the flooring project, Ultra Floor’s DPM IT A was also used providing much needed versatility as this fast curing additive reduces curing times to only 3 hours.

NKS Flooring Ltd. then prepared the waterproofed substrate with Ultra Floor Prime IT N, a polymer emulsion primer for non-porous surfaces so it was ready to receive Level IT two.

To help ensure perfect finish from the chosen sheet vinyl floor covering, Ultra Floor’s two-part latex levelling compound, Level IT two was applied by trowel and spiked roller. Ideal for levelling uneven internal substrates, the product combines excellent flow characteristics with strong adhesion properties through the inclusion of a synthetic latex liquid component. Level IT two was applied at a thickness of 6mm throughout this project.

The high performance of the Ultra Floor products ensured that sub-floor preparation could be completed within 2 days.

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