35 years on, Powerbreaker still safely in the lead with new range

GreenBrook is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its first ever PowerBreaker RCD by raising the bar for RCD technology once again with the launch of a technically updated range of RCD adapters, spurs and sockets.

The new PowerBreaker range now features a typical trip speed of less than 20mS, which means that it will respond to a current leakage more than twice as fast as most other RCD products on the market, which usually adhere to the BS standard of 40mS.  The PowerBreaker’s module has also been re-designed to offer a more contemporary and ergonomic casing for the technology with a more robust latching design.  The updated range also features a brighter warning light to improve safety still further.

The improvements to the PowerBreaker range mark the latest chapter in GreenBrook’s pioneering development of RCD technology, a simple and cost effective way to save lives and prevent electrical fires in the home.  The company was the first to launch an RCD socket back in 1975, which was quickly followed by the first ever RCD adaptor.  Since then RCD technology has continued to advance and GreenBrook has remained at the forefront of those developments.

Comments Dave Cox, GreenBrook’s technical manager: “The launch of this updated range establishes a significant improvement in trip speeds which will help reduce the risk of injury, fire and death still further.  Almost 10% of all fires in the UK are still caused by electrical faults, many of which could be avoided by using RCDs, and, unbelievably, up to half of UK homes – that’s 13 million! – are still not using RCD protection. That’s why we’re continuing to develop the technology and continuing to drive home the message that the simplest way to improve electrical safety in the home is by using an RCD socket or adaptor.”

The launch of GreenBrook’s new PowerBreaker range comes at a time when the importance of using RCDs is already being raised in the public consciousness by the Electrical Safety Council’s national ‘Plug In to Safety Campiagn’, which is designed to develop understanding of the role of RCDs in improving safety and encourage greater usage.  The new PowerBreaker range not only offers faster trip speeds than ever before, it also meets with all the latest standards, including BS 7288: 1990 + Amd 1, BS 1363 Pt 2: 1995 (Amds 1-3) and BS 1363 Pt 4: 1995 (Amds 1-3).  It also adheres to the latest European standards on emissions, including EN 55014-1:2006 and EN 55014-1:2000 (inc A1:2001 & A2:2002) and European immunity standards EN 61543:1995 (inc A11:2003, A12:2005 & A2:2006).  Finally, the improved PowerBreaker range has also been designed to offer exposure resistance to a 100 kHv ring wave and to meet EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.

Dave continues: “To many in the trade, RCDs are simply a commodity product but it’s important to understand that all RCDs are not the same.  When it comes to saving lives, we believe that quality counts; which is why GreenBrook is still investing in enhancing the functionality of our PowerBreaker range 35 years on.”

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