£2200 donated to Liverpool housing charity following theft of materials

Wienerberger – the leading provider of wall, roof and landscaping innovations – has honoured its commitment to support Liverpool-based housing charity, Housing People, Building Communities (HPBC) by donating £2200 in response to the heartless theft of thousands of pounds of building materials.

Wienerberger in the UK was recently awarded a certificate by the worldwide group’s new CBME Safety Award Scheme, recognising the UK organisation’s greatly improved accident record and new safety initiatives across its sites in 2014.

As part of the reward, Wienerberger UK received £2200, which has now been donated to support the HPBC initiative in its time of need.

The incident – which took place on the evening of Thursday 4th June – left HPBC missing 23 doors, 17 radiators, four cookers, four hobs, two sinks and a number of electrical items, which were all in storage awaiting installation the following week.

With the aim of improving the supply of affordable new homes, HPBC relies on donations and community involvement.

The homes are mostly built by volunteers, including future homeowners themselves who work to help build the properties – known as “sweat equity” – in return for a £10,000 discount on the cost of their new home.

Wienerberger has supported the initiative since 2012, donating materials, capital and expertise to support the creation of 32 three-bedroom homes on Kingsley Road in the Granby-Toxteth area of Liverpool.

HPBC’s pioneering strategy has been recognised by a number of awards, including Most Innovative/Specialist Solution at the National Housing Awards, Best Community-led Initiative at the 2014 UK Housing Awards and Best Housing Alliance at the First Time Buyer Readers’ Awards.

Liza Parry, Chief Executive at Housing People, Building Communities, commented:

"From the donation of building materials, to the money raised by last year’s Manchester 10k, and now the extremely generous donation to help us replace our stolen goods, the support we’ve received from Wienerberger over the last three years has been absolutely tremendous.

The HPBC home partners, volunteers, trainees and board of trustees are so grateful for their generosity, without which, this community project would have undoubtedly struggled to be completed."

Annette Forster, Director of Marketing at Wienerberger, commented:

"Being a supplier of sustainable building solutions we cooperate with charity organisations such as HPBC which focus on housing/shelter projects by making donations in the form of construction materials where we can including transportation of the goods.  Over the last three years we have seen the impact this help has had on the lives of the people living in this community.

Tim Thompson, Operations Director at Wienerberger was the proud recipient of the Safety Award on behalf of the operations team who agreed to donate the prize money to a worthy cause.   I would like to applaud the Wienerberger operations team for their effort, knowing that this enabled Wienerberger to support Liza and her team in their time of need but more importantly, improve the lives of the people living in this community."


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