Roof-Pro's rooftop building services support systems are designed to facilitate flexible and efficient installation of a wide variety of roof-mounted building services.

By installing services adequately above roof level on Roof-Pro Systems, complex detailing for the roof’s waterproofing membrane and de-commissioning for maintenance is avoidable.

The critical design criteria should be load management, stability and access. This design criterion is encompassed in Roof-Pro 3.point certification and 20 year warranty. Consultants request 3.point certification to ensure the build team delivers on the principles of Roof-Pro systems.

Principally building service installations on flat roofs should be installed to permit future access to the waterproofing membrane for renewal and maintenance. Installing condenser farms in large areas where the layout-density or service runs (pipes, duct and cable tray) are supported too low preventing waterproofing access should not be acceptable to end users, building owners and developers.

“Load management” can only be assessed if the base, steel and units C of G ( or point loads) are known relative to each other. Load management is essential to assess suitability of support steels, point loads on the support system components, effects on the roof waterproofing and thermal insulation. The project structural engineer will require known reactions and positions to assess the load on the structural decking and structural elements – frame.

“Stability” is clearly a major factor and theoretical assessments of the wind loading on given services is part of the design. Some services and layouts are inherently stable others are not and supports are to be designed with this factor in mind.

“Building clearance” services layout design should be coordinated from a supports prospective. The end game of future maintenance should drive the design to compact accessible areas of support. Vertical clearance and horizontal clearance are both equally important. Installations that are too low for the supported services size and too close to abutments, parapets, roof lights both build issues for the client – building owner in the future.

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