20% increase in cooling efficiency claimed for new brazed heat exchanger

AC500 is an innovative and ultra-efficient Alfa Laval brazed heat exchanger specifically developed to work in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump applications.

With a single and double refrigerant circuit, the AC500 is ideal for chillers in the 200-600 kW range and is particularly suitable as an evaporator and a condenser in both chillers and heat pumps. Thanks to an innovative channel plate design incorporating a distribution system, the AC500 will provide a 5% improvement in COP or 20% increase in cooling capacity compared to existing products.

Laboratory testing has confirmed that the AC500 heat exchanger achieves the highest market performances with HFC refrigerants such as R407C, R404A, R507 (AC500 model), and R410A (ACH500 model) and with natural refrigerants (CO2 - propane).

All brazed heat exchangers are subject to daily fatigue cycles during on/off operations in chiller and heat pump installations. The AC500’s patented integrated distributor,pressed into the plate surface, ensures the highest level of quality and performance reliability. AC500 units conform to major pressure vessel codes such as PED (Europe), UL (USA), and KHK (Japan).

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