As 2016 draws to a close, we take a look at the most popular material news and projects as featured on our website and in our 'Materials Monthly' over the past year. We are also calling for entries to our 2017 editions, so if you would like to be considered, please email

Timber - News   slider

A detailed look at some of the qualities of timber which are making timber more widely specified than ever before.

Concrete - News   slider

Cliff Fudge explains how the Thin-Joint System has been revolutionary for building contractors.

Clay - News   slider

The innovative cross-section design provides shading, protecting part of the brick from solar radiation.

Steel - News   slider

Arup has announced it has produced a series of metallic brackets that are re-engineered structural steel elements. The p

Concrete - Case Study   slider

When access presented a problem for precast concrete stair installation, one manufacturer thought outside the box

Metal - News   slider

A high-performance dirt-resistant coating for metal ceiling tiles, TrioGuard™, has been launched by Armstrong.

Concrete - Project   slider

Golf House


Golf House is geographically located at the center of...

Plastic - Project   slider

The Plastic House


A house is excavated and a space created. The insertion...

Stone - News   slider

The Palace of Westminster leaks. That's its fundamental problem, as it is built from porous stone on marshland.

Concrete - Research   slider

Tracheolis - making concrete breathe with thermobimetals


Traditional concrete blocks are not designed to breathe....

Timber - Project   slider

Shelters by the Sea – Blue landmarks


Along the South coast from West of Faaborg to the...

Metal - Project   slider

Boxpark Croydon


Boxpark is constructed of stripped and refitted shipping...