Totomoxtle, Fernando Laposse

Totomoxtle is a new material that showcases the beautiful array of colour seen in the husks of heirloom corn. Ranging from deep purples to soft creams, each husk is carefully cut and peeled off the cob, ironed flat and glued onto a paper pulp or textile backing. It is then cut by hand or laser into small pieces that are reassembled using marquetry techniques and applied to furniture or interior surfaces.

The artist´s intention goes beyond the aesthetic though. Totomoxtle strives to regenerate traditional agricultural practices in Mexico, by creating a new craft that will generate income for impoverished farmers while conserving biodiversity for future food security. Industrial agriculture in the area and the lack of employment opportunities has caused a mass migration, the erosion of the land and the loss of native seeds.

Fernando Laposse has been working with a group of families from the community of Tonahuixtla in southwest Mexico since 2016. Together, they are trying to reverse the situation by returning to the traditional agricultural methods that have been used locally for centuries. 

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