PaperFoam® is an innovative and green packaging material. It is made via injection moulding processes from a mixture of industrial starch, cellulose fibres and water. This mixture is injected into moulds to shape trays of various sizes, which can serve as packaging solutions.

This lightweight, cushioning and non-abrasive material is environmentally friendly throughout its lifecycle. Its ingredients–starch, fibres and water–are bio-based and renewable. Production is energy efficient and low-carbon, and the material can be either home composted–breaking down in a matter of weeks–or recycled with paper.

PaperFoam, the company, uses PaperFoam® to create custom packaging solutions for diverse industries such as consumer electronics, medical devices, cosmetics and dry foods. The packaging is produced in their own facilities using patented injection moulding technology. Among the brands that they have developed packaging interiors with extremely low carbon footprints, are Medtronics, Philips and Plantronics.

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